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  Jennifer - June - 13 - 2011 - 10 Comments

When dressing my son I try to use a three-fold approach to buying his clothes in a cost-effective way.  I purchase stylish, nice clothes and it doesn’t make my wallet even a little queasy.  The three steps are:  The back of the store technique, the used name brand technique, & the selective picking technique.

  Jennifer - May - 15 - 2011 - Add Comments

If you are not on Swagbucks yet, seriously, what is stopping you!? First of all, it’s the EASIEST way to earn prizes/gift cards online, and secondly you can win so many cool prizes! You earn prizes by searching on the website. It’s super easy. Most days you earn about 7-12 points for a search, sometimes more. I would say 10 is average though. If you did NOTHING else you could […]

  Jennifer - May - 12 - 2011 - Add Comments

Somehow world traveling on a budget sounds like a contradiction in terms. That is because it is SO expensive! My plight is that my husband is from the wonderful country of Scotland, and thus I am forced (my arm is really tied behind my back *wink wink*) to travel to Scotland. Obviously there is no cheap way to travel, but there are some ways to save money. My first tip […]

  Jennifer - May - 10 - 2011 - 2 Comments

Portion control is usually associated with diets but applies to every aspect of your life. Let’s face it a budget is a diet for your wallet, and a little self control goes a long way. Here are four places in your life that exercising portion control will greatly impact your budget! 1. Meat – Unless you are a vegetarian I can guarantee that meat is taking up a BIG portion […]

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