Valentine’s Day..Cutting Through the Commercial

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Ah! Valentine’s Day – the time of the year that has the world divided.  Everyone has an opinion. Some people hate it and some people love it and everyone will tell you their opinion on it. I like it as a concept, but hate how expensive it has become.

I Heart You

The legend behind Valentine’s Day is quite beautiful, although probably not 100%  true.  The story goes that St. Valentine (probably not a saint yet, actually) was persecuted by the emperor Claudius II because he opposed a law that would not allow single men to marry.  He married couples in secret until he was jailed and ordered to be executed.  At some point in jail a miracle was performed and he healed the jailer’s daughter, who he also ended up falling in love with.  Alas, their love was to be short lived, however, as he was executed.  The night before his execution he wrote a letter to his love (the jailer’s daughter) and signed it From Your Valentine.

There actually was a St. Valentine, but much of the story is an embellishment.

Valentine’s Day, like all Holidays, has become too commercialized.  If it wasn’t such a money-making scheme I think it would have gained a lot more respect.  The idea of it is good, though.  There is nothing greater in this world than love, and so it should be celebrated.

Please do not buy me $50 flowers!  I am one who prefers flowers and cards on random occasions (especially occasions where the prices aren’t inflated so high!).  That’s when they really mean something to me, not on the day when every other person in the world is also getting flowers and cards.  I prefer to go out to dinner, or even make a nice dinner at home, and actually celebrate the love of my husband by spending time with him.

To cut away from the commercialism this year try making a pact to make each other presents (Yes, our men are capable of making things).  Or go even a step further and just write down or tell your feelings to one another.  Create a candlelit dinner and talk about your favorite adventures you’ve had and the ones you plan to have.  Start a new hobby together that will last the year instead of just the day, or plan a vacation that you both can get excited about.

This Valentine’s Day do something to strengthen your relationship. So often the stress of days like this will come between a couple and cause bitterness.  Instead take all the expectation away and just love each other.


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