We’re Not “That” Frugal

Written by Jennifer On August - 29 - 2011 0 Comment
Photo by WilliamHartz

Photo by WilliamHartz

Me and my husband were driving last weekend when I saw a billboard for a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ where you get a FREE lunch.  I told my dear hubby, “No matter how much we are trying to save money we are not THAT frugal.”  Of course it was a joke, my hubby wouldn’t go to a place like that, but it got me thinking about being frugal and being reputable.

For all of my coupon clipping and deal hunting there is one thing that is priceless – your character.  Do not compromise your values or beliefs for any kind of ‘deal’ or ‘savings’.

So a funny little joke actually sheds light on a serious issue.  If saving money ever crosses the line, just say no.  It’s not worth it in the long run!



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