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Written by Jennifer On August - 3 - 2011 3 Comments
Photo by sic

Photo by sic

We as moms are all a hard-working group.  We have kids to attends to, dinners to arrange, husbands to prep, houses to clean, driving working, and if you are a mom blogger like me you have blogging, editing, tweeting, and website building.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  We all take on so much.  Sometimes it feels like you can push through any crap pile and come out the other side smiling.  Other times something small will take you from highest highs to lowest lows so fast.

I work so hard and it seems ridiculous sometimes that at times I am  so easily discouraged.  Something as small as a nasty comment can send me into a tailspin, sometimes.

You can have 100 kind words, but it will be the 1 unkind one that haunts you.  Why is that, and why do we even care what other people think?  Why do we let the haters in this world get us down so much?

I think it is because we are trying so hard that it really stings when people say what we do is not up to par in their eyes.  I think if we didn’t love what we do we could just shrug it off.  In any line of work there will ultimately be criticism, and that includes being a mom, being a blogger, and any other aspect of our lives.

So to anyone struggling with these problems, like I, please keep your chin up, move along, and remember everyone great has had to share their portion of criticism, and who’s to say we’re not great? I will take that as a compliment then.


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