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Written by Jennifer On August - 2 - 2011 4 Comments
Photo by Dan4th

Photo by Dan4th

Chances are you are losing money nearly every time you go to the grocery store, and don’t even know it.  I am a big fan of price matching, using coupons, and saving money at the store, but if you don’t follow this simple rule you will walking away leaving money on the table.

Always know the prices of what you are paying, and watch while the cashier rings up your items.  It is very common for an item to be marked one price and come up another price in the system, simply through carelessness.   You should have an idea of the cost of an item that is in your basket, meaning pay attention when you are picking stuff up and stop throwing stuff in your basket.

If an item is priced incorrectly politely inform the cashier and he or she should be able to fix it. Usually it is just a few cents, but occasionally this can be a very big amount (either because you misread the price, or it is priced wrong) and you will either want the price changed or the item taken off.  You will also want to watch to make sure nothing is scanned twice, or watch for any other miscellaneous errors that can occur.

After you have checked out and paid immediately look over your receipt after you walk away from the register.  Scan the list to make sure that everything looks right, is priced correctly, and that all of your value coupons came off (like for a mega event when $5 comes off at the end).  If something is amiss go directly to the customer service desk, it will be easier to fix it right away.

Another reason to go straight to customer service is that if you need food taken off your bill is that the store has to throw away food as soon as you leave so you don’t want to cause the store to have to waste the food.  If you have any questions feel free to have them explain your bill, and make sure you understand what they are saying.  Customer service should be able to fix prices, check prices, or take off unwanted items.

I’ve noticed more and more there are tons of errors in the prices.  Very often items get scanned twice, and items are frequently priced wrong.  I don’t think most people notice this or even look twice at their receipt.

For example, I sent my dear hubby to the store and he bought 4 avocados.  I found the receipt a week later and noticed he spent more than I expected, and found the culprit to be 43 avocados we were charged for.  Quite a large error, but easy for a cashier to drag his or her finger over the 3 after punching in the 4.  I took the receipt back and they fixed it for me, which I was pleased about because I would hate to eat all that money.  It could have saved a lot of trouble if it was noticed at the register, however, and this is the trouble I am trying to save you!

Errors are more common than you think so always check your receipts and don’t let you money slip away on things you didn’t even buy!
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    and if you live in Michigan make sure you know about the Michigan bounty law!!! read this article:
    I don’t know if other states do this, but I have had to use this law to my advantage several times.

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