Hiatus, & My Apologies

Written by Jennifer On August - 1 - 2011 0 Comment
Photo by karl17

Photo by karl17

The hiatus is a result of my in-laws visiting from Scotland for 2 weeks.  This site is as of yet still new, and it’s only me who runs the show, so at this point I don’t have a backup for when things like that happen.  I should have been prepared, and I apologize, but it ended up being scrambling around to get ready for them to get here, which allowed no time for writing.

This blog does not have a concrete direction, yet, and I apologize for that, too, I guess.  I sometimes just want a direction but usually I just want to talk about EVERYTHING.  I am interested in so many things.  I try to restrict myself to frugality, being a mom, organization and the like.  However, I think in addition to some of my tip-filled posts I will have some life-filled posts.  Not sure how I’m going to keep that organized though!

Hopefully, I will be getting through some of the hiccups this week and getting the site back up to snuff.  Thanks for your patience!

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