Attitude is the Key

Written by Jennifer On July - 6 - 2011 1 Comment
Photo by DeusXFlorida

Photo by DeusXFlorida

You can know all the best tips to make money.  You can learn all the tricks to saving money.  If you don’t have the right attitude they are not going to do you any good.  Attitude is the first thing that you need to make sure is in check before you start tackling frugality in your life.

You need to take a good look at your life as a whole.  Ultimately it is a humbling and an openness that you need to have to live a frugal lifestyle.  A stubborn person will look at tips to save money and think the ideas are either too hard, or too little, and thus brush them off.

An open person will realize that every big change begins with small steps.  They will be open to new things and changes, and be adaptable when it is needed.

To be frugal you need to realize that every penny saved counts.  You need to use good judgement to weigh meaningful purchases against frivolous ones, be open to new ideas that might save you money, as well as being adaptable to go out of your comfort zone to get results if necessary.

Try to look at ideas with fresh eyes and realize that only you can control your finances.  Stop blaming outside forces and do what you can to learn, to limit, and to grow!

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