Best Way to Clean Your Bathroom Mirrors

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I have developed a way of keeping my bathroom mirrors clean all the time that is easy and you can do in a couple of minutes.  I think this way is good because you don’t have to run for paper towels and Windex (by the way vinegar works great for windows as an alternative!).  You only need things you would usually find in your bathroom anyway: a squeegee, a loofah, and hand soap.


3 ingredients to clean mirrors all the time


I bought the squeegee for a couple bucks for my glass shower door, and I bought an extra loofah just for mirror cleaning for $1.  I already had liquid hand soap so that didn’t make a difference.  Technically you can use any kind of soap you want to use, but this is the most easily available for yours truly.

Alright, so you have a dirty mirror, but you wish it was clean all the time.  They seem to get dirty so fast, don’t they?

dirt enhanced by me for purpose of this tutorial

The first step is to wet your loofah and then squirt a dab of soap onto it (if it’s not that dirty it is not necessary to use soap).  Soap up the whole mirror and scrub all the little icky places, like tooth paste gunk.  Get the whole thing good and soapy!

Now you have a soapy mirror!

After you mirror is all soaped up and you’ve successfully scrubbed off all the grime simply use the squeegee to slide off the soap.  You need to make sure you have a squeegee that works well or you will have streaks.  I squeegee once across the top – left to right, and then downwards all the way across – left to right, but whatever works best for you will do!

This is the fun part

After this the mirror will look pretty darn good, but I like to give it a rinse (unless I just used water).  Rinse the loofah out quick and just wipe down the mirror again.

Caution: Slippery When Wet

Of course squeegee it off in the same way you did the first time.  Then use your squeegee on your sink to clean up any runaway water, just brush it into the sink, and voilà you are finished.

Clean up time!

Now you will have a mirror that is perfect, streak free, and gleaming!  You can keep the ‘special equipment’ at arms reach all the time, it doesn’t look out-of-place displayed right in the bathroom.  If you get a spot on your mirror, or have a surprise guest you will be ready with a shiny mirror!  The best part about this is that it takes literally about 2 to 3 minutes depending on the size of the mirror.  A guest bathroom is even faster.

Theoretically you could clean all glass surfaces like this, but I don’t because it’s more messy, easy for me to squeegee off the sink, not as much the floor.  Hope you enjoyed this tip!


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