Frugal Fun: Muffins

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One thing I found you can do, even if you don’t have much money, is baking.  In fact, it can save you money!  It’s a good way to entertain the kids, too, if you get them involved.  With my 18 month old I just give him a bowl and spoon, but a little flour in a bowl and let him imitate Mommy.  If you have older kids you can sit back put your feet up and instruct them (that IS why we have kids right, so we have less work…?).

We decided to make muffins.  If you are baking challenged have no fear.  I simply used a muffin mix (they are under $1 apiece, less with coupons).  All you have to do is add water or milk.  If you know what you are doing, by all means make them from scratch.  I’m sure they will taste better, but these were good and it was fun to do!

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The reason I don’t go for scratch with the muffins is because by the time I got blueberries and chocolate chips it would have cost a lot more. I do make some things from scratch if I have the time.  This time I just dolled them up kid style by adding a little blue food coloring to the blueberry muffins and some colored sugar sprinkled sugar to the tops.

Other cheap eats:

If you are a busy mom, and who isn’t, this is a good thing to do, inexpensive, that involves the kids and provides some good summer entertainment.  I think sometimes we get caught up in thinking that we have to do everything for the kids and forget that it is fun for them to help.  Let your kids pull up a spatula and have some fun!


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