Cleaning Day!

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Photo by go_greener_oz

Photo by go_greener_oz

Somehow I managed to muster an exclamation point there, but in reality cleaning makes me go my face go all SAD-like.  Have you ever noticed that when you have to clean that social media becomes so much more interesting?  Suddenly you find every thing that is trending super relevant and have to click on all the links.  Maybe it’s just me.  I’ll be on Facebook reading everyone’s statuses, or reading 500 tweets that I missed…all irrelevant.

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Okay, so when I went over to Twitter to grab that link I spent about another half an hour wasting time.  See what I mean!?

Back to cleaning, today I’m going to focus on the kitchen and living room and foyer..basically all of the rooms that people see when they come into the house.  I usually make lists to try to get things done, but today I might just clean by the seat of my pants.

(Check out 70 gas saving tips from yesterday!)

Later on this week I will post a tip about how to keep your bathroom mirrors clean all the time, but for now it is time for me to try to get this mess in hand….or maybe I could check Facebook again.  No!  Gotta get myself under control here. If you miss me check out this post for Spring Cleaning.

Feel free to e-mail or comment your best kitchen cleaning tips.  I am going to assemble an article about that in the future.  Time to do some research…er…cleaning!


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