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Alrighty, time for the Friday freebie.  Today I have a fabulous freebie of a site that offers free international calls.  I think it is about 10 minutes per day.  It could really help out your phone bill, though!

Free International Phone Calls

As, kind of a little bonus I have a couple other things you may be interested in.  First, I was stumbling round the web the other day and came across this awesome site that makes computer desktops.  They are all simple and completely awesome.  I am using one now, and downloaded tons more.  Of course, they are all FREE.

Click Here to See Some Awesome Desktops

The next thing is for those of you who need an Office Suite but can’t necessarily afford Microsoft Office.  This is a great program that I use, and it does pretty much everything the average person would need a program to do word processing sheets, spread sheets, etc.  It’s called Open Office, and I say give it a try!

Open Office Download Ahead!

In the interest of being fair I will say that none of those links above are affiliated to me in any way…however, if you want to help the site, check out our affiliate below if it interests you!

YCBPoM - Take Control of Your Money


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  1. Carlie says:

    I can’t beilvee you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

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