Money is matters of the brain, not heart

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It needs to be said: you should think with your head and avoid thinking with your heart.  You might be saying…”it is impossible to think with your heart, your heart is the organ that pumps blood to the brain” and that might be true.  But then again not true because people think with their heart all the time and it usually gets them into trouble…money trouble!

For example, I was just wanting to do a web search on a little site (you may have heard of it) called Yahoo! (<—that sounded more excited than I am, but that’s just how the logo goes).  I am just minding my own business, trying to do my little web search and on the front page of Yahoo! is this headline: “Megamansions that billionaires call home” with what else but a huge picture of a ‘mega-mansion’ – basically resembling the White House on steroids.

I haven’t been this disturbed since I saw Scott Baio trending on Twitter – although mostly because I immediately assume anyone who is trending has died.  At first I thought, Ooooh, I want a mega mansion.  This is not even a rational thought, how would I pay the taxes, and it would take FOREVER to clean the darn thing. Then I realized that no one really needs a megamansion, even rich people, and I’m being silly. (phew, thought I was gonna have to buy one…)

The problem is that the media bombards us with how we should be living.  It makes us all feel like spectacular failures.  I am somehow a spectacular failure because I haven’t earned a megamansion yet, and while we’re going there, I also have not earned my first million, let alone billion.  As fun as it can be to see how the other half lives it gives us unrealistic expectations of what to expect in life.

When making a purchasing decision remember that you will not be featured on MTV cribs next week, and really who wants to be they never have anything good in their fridges.  We have gotten out of control as a country, financially speaking, not able to see how good we have it and only wanting more and more.  I believe in freedom to do what you want, but I also believe people should use their freedom responsibly.  Let’s be the people who stop the status worshiping.  This is not to say you cannot have nice things but please remember to keep it in perspective, and please remember to be thankful that Scott Baio is still with us, and maybe, just maybe that’s all we need!

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