Being a 9-5 Mom

Written by Jennifer On June - 21 - 2011 2 Comments

Many of you know that this is not my day job (well technically it is my day job, but then I have a night job, too).  I am not working 24 hours a day, but sometimes it feels like it.

Being a MOM is a 24/7 job.  At 5pm though I pack up and go to work.  This is my schedule because The Scotsman (dear hubby) works in the daytime and so I work an opposite shift from him to cover babysitting.  I get help from the crossover times from The Gramma (my MOM).

Let me tell you, IT IS HARD!

Let’s face it, lots of women are in my shoes (I can fit lots of women in their because I have big feet), and I don’t even think I have it that bad.  Working MOM is hard, but I know my MOM had it harder than me, and I know that single working MOM is even harder.  Still, I wish I could be a SAHM (Stay at Home MOM).  I do envy the SAHM’s being able to get things done and be home with their kids.

On the other hand I am a SAHM until 5pm when I pack up and head to work.  My little boy waves and blows me kisses from the driveway and I have the chance to miss him.  I know many SAHM’s get bogged down being home so long and feel isolated from the outside world.  Sometimes I wish I had the chance to have their problems.

For now, I will work on, I will blog on, and I will party on…wait no I just channeled Bill and Ted for a second there.  In any case, remember:

YCBPoM & Be Excellent to Each Other!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Don’t forget about the WAHMs!! I guess that’s where I fit in. Of course, what mom doesn’t work at home…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ultimately my goal is to be a WAHM! It will probably be harder than just going to work, but worth it to stay home with my boy and possible future children

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