101 Painless Places You Could Save Money

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Photo by o5com

Photo by o5com

Some of these are no-brainers, some of these tips you are probably already doing, and some just won’t factor into your lifestyle.  I get sick of seeing lists of things you can do to save money that say to stop drinking your fancy cappuccino and don’t get your nails done.   This is the list for people who don’t have a morning coffee habit and aren’t spending the cash on their nails!

The Kitchen

  1. Stop using paper towels and use re-usable rags instead
  2. Cook food from scratch – stop using so many pre-made foods.
  3. Use the oven/stove less – do one or two dinners per week
  4. Don’t open the oven often when cooking food
  5. Use up what you have before buying something else
  6. Instead of using the garbage disposal, throw away or compost your trash
  7. Only do dishes in the dishwasher in full loads
  8. Don’t leave the refrigerator door open long
  9. Eat leftovers, don’t throw out food!
  10. Unplug unnecessary appliances if you don’t use them often
  11. Buy generic foil & plastic items
  12. Use clothe napkins or wash cloths instead of paper napkins

The Bathroom

  1. Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth
  2. Shorten your shower by 2 minutes a day and it will save you over 100 gallons per month
  3. Use plastic bottles or float boosters in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of toilet water wasted.
  4. When you finish your shampoo/conditioner/body wash/toothpaste etc open up the packaging to get one or two more uses out of them
  5. Re-use bath towels for the week
  6. Buy a cheaper brand of toilet paper, or try a generic
  7. Instead of buying expensive cleaners use vinegar, baking soda & bleach to clean the bathroom
  8. Use bar soap instead of liquid
  9. If you use body wash a loofah makes it go further
  10. Buy most bathroom products when they are on sale and stock up, they won’t go bad
  11. Use less shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste etc. You are probably using too much!
  12. Don’t take a shower on days you don’t have to go out, just wash up

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  1. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot water
  2. Only do laundry in full loads
  3. Don’t over-use your clothes dryer, take clothes out promptly
  4. Cut dryer sheets in half to extend the length
  5. Use less than the recommended amount of soap for most normal loads
  6. Line dry clothes on a nice day
  7. Wear pajamas a few days in a row
  8. If an item of laundry isn’t dirty or you didn’t wear it long hang it up and re-wear it
  9. You can wash some items that say ‘Dry Clean Only’
  10. Re-use ripped clothes as rags instead of buying new ones


  1. Cut down on snacks & soft drinks
  2. Change a few of your name brand food items out for generics.
  3. Buy meat in large quantities when it’s on sale portion it out and freeze it
  4. Cut portion sizes to recommended amounts
  5. Use less meat
  6. Eat more rice & beans
  7. Avoid ‘100 Calorie Packs’ or other such portioning gimmicks
  8. Stick to generics on staples: milk, eggs, butter, flour & sugar

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The Office

  1. Turn off computer when not using it or put it in sleep mode
  2. Get your ink cartridges refilled instead of buying new ones
  3. Re-use paper for notes if you don’t need it anymore
  4. Use as much free software as you can get your hands on
  5. Consider using VoIP for your phone service if you have high-speed internet
  6. Do your own taxes!


  1. Avoid late fees by paying bills on time, and paying the right amount
  2. Make bigger payments to pay down credit bills faster and to spend less on interest
  3. Drop your land line if you rarely use it
  4. Instead of using an expensive cell phone carrier, think about changing to a pay as you go carrier if you would like a cell phone but use it infrequently
  5. Change to a different bank  if you are getting hit with lots of fees
  6. Call to see if you can get your interest rate lowered on your credit card bills
  7. Do not overdraft your account!
  8. Downgrade your cable, especially if you find you don’t use many of the channels
  9. Re-evaluate your insurance needs and adjust them.  Think about raising your deductible
  10. See if you have options on your energy bills, there is more competition now and you might be able to get a better rate
  11. Think about bundling phone, internet & cable to get the best deal
  12. Think about bundling all of your insurance to get the best deal

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Out and About

  1. Don’t speed, in fact go 5 mph under the speed limit to save gas
  2. When eating fast food don’t order meals, just get single items
  3. Bring a drink with you in a reusable cup so that you aren’t tempted to buy drinks when you are out
  4. Change your own oil
  5. Don’t grocery shop while you are hungry
  6. If you must eat out, use coupons
  7. Try to avoid ATM’s. If you need money buy something small from a register and get cash back
  8. Avoid toll roads
  9. Walk to places that are in the neighborhood
  10. Don’t get appetizers or dessert when at restaurants
  11. Drink water at restaurants
  12. Pack your lunch instead of eating out

At the Store

  1. Take a list & stick to the list
  2. Try shopping at a lower priced discount store like Aldi
  3. Use coupons when they save you money, but not when they make you buy something you don’t need
  4. Price match at Walmart
  5. Don’t buy any high-priced items without researching the item first to find the best deal
  6. Don’t impulse buy.  If you can’t resist give yourself a pre-set spending limit for purchases.
  7. Try using thrift stores to get work and play clothes
  8. Buy generic medicines & prescriptions. The active ingredients are the same
  9. Don’t buy any frivolous warranties or replacement plans, especially if you would never use them anyway
  10. Always watch to make sure prices are ringing up correctly
  11. Always check your receipt to make sure you weren’t double charged for anything
  12. Take something back that your regret buying (if it’s food take it back immediately before leaving the store or they have to throw it out!)

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On the Web

  1. Find the best price on gas before you go out at websites like GasBuddy
  2. Use sites like Freecycle or Craigslist in the FREE section to try to pick up free items that you need
  3. Use Craigslist to find good, used big-ticket items at a cheap price
  4. Shop for clothes on eBay or other used clothes sites online
  5. Before buying anything online, look for coupon codes to save you money at a site like NaughtyCodes
  6. Use sites like eBates when shopping online to get cash back
  7. Use the web as the ultimate researching guide to big-ticket items, find out which ones are the best and where to buy them for the best price
  8. Don’t get scammed, if it sounds too good to be true then it is!

Around the House

  1. Turn off televisions & lights when you are not in a room (and when you are not using them in a room)
  2. Turn off/down air conditioning/heater when you are not at home
  3. Change your furnace filters at least once a year
  4. Turn your air conditioning temperature up 2 degrees (you could save up to 5% for each degree)
  5. Water your lawn in the evening or morning, make sure that any sprinklers are hitting the lawn and not the sidewalk and house, & if it’s preset, consider eliminating one or two days from the rotation.
  6. Lower temperature on hot water tank to between 110 and 120 degrees
  7. Cut down on your vices: smoke or drink a bit less, or other habit
  8. Think about the real cost of an item before you buy it. For instance, a car does not just cost $20,000 + tax.  If you buy it on a loan there is interest and there is also gas, insurance, maintenance and the loss of what you could be using that money for in savings.
  9. Time is money, so don’t waste your time. Always be looking for ways to move yourself and your family forward

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