Weight Loss Challenge Wednesday

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photo by PinkStock Photos!

photo by PinkStock Photos!

Alright, time to come clean on the weekly weigh in.  I have not been doing so well.  Truth be told I have been adjusting to new thyroid medication which I am sure is not helping.  I have a thyroid disorder that slows my metabolism and basically makes me gain weight.

[Read about Weight Loss Challenge Wednesdays HERE]

I’m not using this as an excuse (okay…maybe a little) but it does make it harder!

So…time to fess up, what are the real numbers after a month of not really doing that good?

Here they are:


Starting Weight: 181 lbs
Goal Weight Loss: 31 lbs
Current Weight: 181.5 lbs
Weight Loss: +0.5 lbs
Pounds to Goal: 31.5 lbs to go!
Week #: 5


What the heck! I gained a half of a pound.  I admit that I have not been doing good on the soda but I’ve been eating pretty good (or so I thought).  Makes me so mad.  I feel like that person that goes up on the scale on the biggest loser on a week where I have immunity.  Okay, time to get serious, this weight isn’t going to lose itself.

If anyone wants to challenge with me, please feel free to message me or post your goals.


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