Take my plantains…no seriously!

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Photo by Yimhafiz

Photo by Yimhafiz

About two weeks ago I went to one of my favorite deal hang-outs, Aldi.  (And if you haven’t been to Aldi yet, you should go, although that’s a post for another day!) Aldi has some incredible deals on every variety of food, with no frills but amazing prices.  I got a little caught up in my Aldi attack this day.

Going into summer is the time when obviously fresh fruit and veggies are on their best prices.  They are usually pretty high-priced and because of this, I don’t always have room in the budget for much fresh produce.

On my last trip to Aldi the produce was priced amazingly low, however, and I bought heaps of it.  I love fresh broccoli, mushrooms & cucumbers and I got an ample supply of each.  Fresh fruit, yummy, I bought all kinds.

Things started getting out of control (though I admit it was getting out of control already) when I saw that plantains were 2 for $1.  I have never had a plantain so I bought some.  ‘Yay’ thought I, ‘I will have a lovely, exotic plantain dinner!’

So when I got home I used up most of the other veggies during the week, ate the fruit and there sat my plantains.  Now, I’ve never cooked with plantains and I had no idea what to do with them.  Plantain soup with a side of plantain salad?  Hmmm…I sat and pondered the possibilities.  Ultimately I always decided to do something with another food.

Today I threw out the plantain rotted corpses.

The moral of this story is that sometimes things that are a good deal aren’t if you never actually USE them!  That’s definitely money down the drain and I hate wasting food.  Obviously this is just a fun example, and it’s fun and OK to experiment.  Just a little reminder to think carefully before you put something in your cart.  A good deal is only a good deal if it is something you need and will use.

Please feel free to post or e-mail me your plantain recipes!

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