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If you are not on Swagbucks yet, seriously, what is stopping you!? First of all, it’s the EASIEST way to earn prizes/gift cards online, and secondly you can win so many cool prizes!

Search & Win
You earn prizes by searching on the website. It’s super easy. Most days you earn about 7-12 points for a search, sometimes more. I would say 10 is average though. If you did NOTHING else you could earn a $5 Amazon gift card in roughly a month and a half. For doing a handful of internet searches a day…EASY. (They cost 450 points) You can also get Paypal money for 700 points. There are also tons of prizes and other gift cards, but you can look for yourself that is part of the fun!
Ways to get the most from your Swagbucks:
  • Do your searches every day (10 average swagbucks)
  • Do the daily poll (1 point)
  • Do the NOSO (2 points)
  • Watch a few videos (2 points)
You’ll get about 15 points a day doing those things.
Good ways to get additional points:
  • Get referrals (when your referral earns you earn!) BTW click any link to sign up as MY referral!
  • Bonus Swag Codes (Swagbucks posts lots in their blog and through various social media)
  • Coupons (I feel Swagbucks is a good bang for your buck coupon site at 10 SB per coupon redeemed)
  • Special Offers – only if you are so inclined, I think other sites are better for this

As soon as I redeem my next gift certificate (in the next week or so) I will do a challenge to see how fast I can earn a gift card just to show my audience how awesome this program is!
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