Don’t Pay for Passport Pics!

Written by Jennifer On May - 12 - 2011 0 Comment

Somehow world traveling on a budget sounds like a contradiction in terms. That is because it is SO expensive! My plight is that my husband is from the wonderful country of Scotland, and thus I am forced (my arm is really tied behind my back *wink wink*) to travel to Scotland.

Obviously there is no cheap way to travel, but there are some ways to save money. My first tip to World Travel on a Shoestring is DO NOT PAY FOR PASSPORT PHOTOS.
I have no reason to refer you to this service other than that it’s AWESOME. We used it when going through U.S. Immigration for my husband to get his permanent residence, so you can’t get any more official than that! For immigration we needed 8 photos and it was going to cost a fortune. I turned to this service because we couldn’t afford a traditional service, and found out this service is so much better!
It’s relatively easy, and guess what! You can take pictures till you get a GOOD photo…how often do you have a good ID photo? Well, now you can.
Photo by Damian613
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