Reluctantly Frugal…

Written by Jennifer On March - 23 - 2009 0 Comment

Some people are frugal by nature. They naturally hoarded all of their money as a small child and by the time they were 12 had amassed a small fortune, learning more and more ways to save money. This is NOT me.

If I had it my way I would be on a luxury vacation every other week, spending too much time at restaurants, and going on spending spree for a new wardrobe. For reasons obvious (I am not a millionaire) I cannot do this.

I would call myself reluctantly frugal, but I will admit that it has its perks and there is a certain ‘Savings High’ you can get from getting a really good deal. I’ve become somewhat addicted to this feeling.

For these reasons I am not a hardcore couponer, I am sort of obsessed. I would never buy 20 of anything at one time…1 or 2 and I’m thrilled to death if I get something for free, but I don’t 100% let money saving take over my life. Life is still what it is, and it is OK to spend it now and then.

For those of you who are really hardcore, good for you! I will probably never be there…for those of you who are like me…a bit wary of different ways to save…well…give it a try! What have you got to lose? You could be like me…reluctantly frugal, and use all that extra $$ to buy yourself something nice!


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